• What is it?
  • Why is it needed?
  • Who needs it?
  • How does it work?

1. CamCheck™ CHMS - What is it?

CamCheck™ CHMS (CCTV Health Monitoring Solution) is a unique cloud-based solution that will monitor the health of CCTV Cameras, Video Recorders / Servers, and Storage for multiple CCTV systems located anywhere in the world!

2. CamCheck™ CHMS – Why is it needed?

Currently, any site with numerous cameras, or few cameras across multiple sites rely on a BMS operator or IT personnel to check the health of these CCTV systems. Tedium, fatigue and human error lead to oversight, and often a camera or a hard disk which has malfunctioned amounts to a serious compliance lapse, which is only noticed after an untoward incident is discovered, having both financial and legal implications.
Often, a seemingly “active” CCTV camera is working “live”, but not recording due to hard disk issues.

3. Who needs CamCheck™ CHMS?

Pretty Much ANYONE & EVERYONE who uses CCTV!!.
Schools, Malls, Multiplexes, Retail Chains, Hospitals, QSR chains, Commercial Buildings, Corporate & Branch Offices, Housing Societies, Banks and NBFC sector, Large Format Retail, Safe City Projects, etc.

4. How does CamCheck™ CHMS work?

A. Our cloud-based software ‘pings’, hourly, the DVR / NVR / IP camera over the internet.

B. The health of the system is analysed for multiple parameters and reflected in a web-based report.

C. Parameters checked include video loss, video blur, scene change, time mismatch, router port health, hard-disk health etc.

D. Snapshots of all cameras can be stored on the cloud.

E. Real time alerts are sent to multiple emails as per mandate in case of camera / hard disk failure.

Some Screen-shots to illustrate how Cebex’s CamCheck™ CHMS works:

Post-Login Screen (after logging in at

Web Interface login dashboard. We will select
RHMS to see the device groups available.

RHMS (Remote Health Monitoring Service) Dashboard

groups of devices (DVRs) listed below. We will choose
the one with 3 devices - CEBEX 2 (purple arrow).

Summary view of all devices in a group

This group consists of 3 DVRs. Details below include time of last hourly check, IP details, port health status, DVR vs actual time mismatch indicated in minutes (purple arrow), recording status (denoted by the ‘healthy’ green colour “OK”, and the green dots and green ‘R’ denoting health of each camera). One may note camera no. 13 in branch “SCHOOL 1” is not working (orange arrow).

Show Last Snapshots

Having chosen “show snapshots” in slide above, we can now see a dashboard / grid view of all camera snapshots. Please note camera 13 in branch “SCHOOL 1” is down (orange arrow). We will now click on “SCHOOL 1” (pink arrow) to see the ‘Device History’ of that device.

Device History for SCHOOL 1

Please note orange arrows to view hourly check reports. The Red block confirms down-time of camera 13 as per slide above. Orange block (purple arrow) indicated “recording” was off at that time and then restarted by the time the next hourly check took place at 11.06.

Typical E-Mail of Daily Report of Multiple Devices in a group

Typical E-Mail for Camera Video Failure
(purple arrow indicates failure of camera no. 13

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